This piece aims to enlighten many possibilities of cooking frozen chicken and the dangers of attempting the same. There is more than one way to prepare a Thanksgiving meal quickly.


We all experience moments when busy schedules dictate undertaking a task we do not particularly want to, or would rather avoid. Cooking quick lunches takes a toll on everyone, regardless of expertise in the kitchen. For several reasons, one might be pressed to cook chicken without having ample time to thaw or unfreeze it for cooking. So, can you grill frozen chicken? If you put frozen chicken on the grill without following proper thawing or cooking procedures, it might lead to health hazards and complications. Keep in mind that you might not save any time trying throwing a frozen chicken directly onto a grill. You can compensate with simple defrosting methods. Let’s dive into a few ways of getting the frozen chicken looking and feeling slightly better for the grill

Defrosting Methods

 There are several defrosting methods available for professional and amateur chefs alike. We do not all have microwaves. We also are not all skilled enough to know which temperature signifies the best thawing conditions. Of particular interest should be slower ways of grilling, rather than the quickest method. However, chances are you are reading this article to find efficient yet effective ways of grilling a frozen chicken. The methods listed herein provide ample room, based on urgency, to decide which method works best. Enjoy healthier eating plans using recommended thawing options.


Use a refrigerator to let the meat unfreeze to lower temperatures to reduce the risk of cooking too quickly. It should normally take less than half a day to defrost a chicken. To be on the safer side, you should ideally thaw the chicken for a full day. However, if one is pressed for time, 12 hours works fine. When thawing chicken in a fridge, place it on general shelf areas. Some refrigerators have chilled rooms to keep sandwich meats cooler than regular meals. Placing chicken in the general area lets it unfreeze slowly but without taking unnecessarily longer. With lots of bacteria just waiting to come alive, chicken needs to be grilled with as a few frozen parts as possible.


On the question if you can put frozen chicken on the grill, there are natural ways of defrosting too. Place it on a kitchen counter and let it thaw naturally. This allows air to naturally bring it to an ideal temperature for optimal cooking conditions. This is one of the best options for several reasons and will help you the risk of contracting salmonella. On that note, it is important to wipe down areas used to thaw meat once done. Any small remnants of the piece can find their way to prepared salads, which can be a health hazard. Additionally, it is just as risky to wipe these counters with excessive cleansing powders. Simply wiping down with water is good enough.

Water bath

 Placing a frozen chicken in water to defrost is not only perfect, but it also helps the meat thaw remarkably faster than counters. With that said, the placement of the chicken in a water bath entails having the chicken inside a container. Sealed or vacuum bags aren’t always available, but a container will do. The idea is to have the chicken in a container, within a container. It is a no-brainer that the chicken not be placed naked into water to thaw. Use a bag or container and put that into another bigger pan or pail if needed. Then, use cold or room temperature to help unfreeze the meat. It might seem inviting to use heated water for quicker thawing, but that is impossible. 

Defrosting Tray

These trays allow the meat to come to approximate room temperature, or whatever temperature the tray is in, for professional thawing. It does not involve water, heat from artificial sources, or other heating elements. Simply place the meat on the tray and let it quickly try to reach the tray’s temperature. A few select trays are popular and affordable, making for better thawing than your kitchen counter. Some of these trays seem fancier than others, but truth be told, thawing will take just as long as your regular kitchen counter. And in case you’re interested in a defrosting tray, we’ve found a great set for you. The difference is in hygiene and the fact that a kitchen counter likely has bacteria that will cause more harm than putting frozen chicken on the grill.


 Make use of that handy microwave you bought at a special price and make room for a better meal without health hazards. The most affordable microwaves not only have grilling options, but they also let you thaw poultry and other foods too. The thawing settings allow you to adjust based on weight (from grams to kilos or pounds) and find optimal thawing temperatures. It is advisable to read the user manual before assuming that a setting works fine for your particular size of a chicken. This is because letting the meat thaw longer doesn’t make it better for cooking, it actually begins to cook. The best microwaves boast easy to use settings meaning even your teenage daughter can begin thawing while you are stuck in traffic.

Handy Tips on Grilling Frozen Chicken

Increase cooking time Cook the chicken slightly longer to avoid having undercooked meat on the table. It simply means if your chicken normally cooks for thirty minutes, cook it for forty-five. It will help the meat cook at somewhat of an optimal level, seeing as it never had ample time to thaw. There are a lot of valuable grills, but we’ve highlighted the best grill according to the reviews. Indirect heating If possible, place the meat slightly away from direct heat to allow it to thaw. This is useful in helping to avoid landing cooked somewhat meat on the table, with some insides still frozen. If you have a readily fired-up grill, place the frozen chicken slightly on edge. Select optimal positions based on size/quantity  If you have several pieces of cooking, try not to dump them all on one spot. Lay them out, spaced away from each other, and with smaller pieces, remember to steer clear of direct flames. This might lead to crispier chicken ends with slightly undercooked insides

Does Eating Frozen Chicken Pose Health Risks

According to chefs and chicken-eating fans worldwide, eating frozen chicken does not pose any health risks. There is a flip side to this, though, which centers on eating packaged frozen foods extensively. Such meats are preserved using starch-like preservatives, which can lead to heart disease and other complications. However, frozen chicken is perfectly safe to eat on previously frozen meat that has undergone proper thawing and just left the grill. Keeping chicken frozen at certain temperatures keeps it healthy and makes for tastier meals. Frozen or uncooked meals can lead to food poisoning such as salmonella. According to the CDC, chicken is responsible for quite a number of salmonella cases worldwide. These numbers can be greatly reduced with better cooking practices, specifically ones that don’t involve undercooking frozen chicken.

Final thoughts

The better question than can you grill frozen chicken would be should you grill frozen chickenThe answer is a resounding yes, as long as one meets the thawing and heating criteria. Chicken needs to grill at approximately 160 degrees Celsius for optimal cooking and to do away with any chance of bacteria staying alive. On that note, although it is important to thaw the meats, hygiene is equally crucial. It makes no sense to thaw your meat thoroughly yet not taking enough measures to ensure it doesn’t catch any bacteria off the counter. It also wouldn’t make much sense to undercook with low temperatures, regardless of optimal thawing. When the need arises, use a microwave to speed up the thanksgiving dinner or place meat in a water bath before the guests come by. Your favorite white meat comes with tasty recipes worth trying for the perfect meal.

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